LiWe Racing

September 20, 2023

Video details and requirements

LiWe Racing

September 20, 2023

EUR 100 of 150 budget remaining

Creator resources

8 images and 7 videos available for download.

Type of advertisement

Brand awareness. Create high quality content that maximizes organic engagement.

Target groups

All genders, all age groups, preferably living in Finland and interested in motorsports and/or motorized vehicles. Videos should be in English, Swedish, or Finnish.

Company values

Innovation, Passion, Excellence, Teamwork, Responsibility.


LiWe Racing

Introducing the adrenaline-fueled world of F2 powerboat racing team LiWe Racing. Boasting the coveted F4 World Championship title of 2020 and an unswerving tradition of securing podium finishes season after season, LiWe Racing stands as one of the leading powerboat racing teams in the world. The team embodies an unwavering commitment to excellence, pushing the limits of engineering and athleticism to dominate the waves. With a spirit of innovation and a relentless pursuit of victory, LiWe Racing is more than just a team of fearless pilots driving cutting-edge vessels – they are a force of nature on the water.

Creator resources


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